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"“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Chuck Malott and his team at Galileo for being there when we really needed them. Our Arizona location was infected with a Crypto-wall virus that encrypted all of the files on our server in addition to the data files needed for our accounting application, MAS90. We are not yet sure how the virus was contracted but believe it might have been someone inadvertently clicking a link in a fake UPS Email. Once the infection took hold we were completely down and unable to operate the business. We called in Galileo our MSP (Managed Service Provider) and they were available immediately with their emergency response team. Because of the systems Galileo had implemented and the expertise in dealing with these types of events our office was down only a short time instead weeks and we were not forced to pay the ransom demanded by cybercriminals. Very little data had to be re-entered and we were able to continue to serve our customers almost immediately. Our company has been working with Galileo for well over 15 years and we are proud to call them technology partners and friends. Thanks again.”"

Mike Lawson
President, Westland

“Galileo made our system upgrade a breeze! The work was seamless for both our internal group and external customers. Calling the Galileo team was the best technology decision we’ve ever made.”

Mike Faber
President and CEO, Faber Communications LLC


“It is a complete relief to have Lance’s service available to us. I wish I found him sooner. He has all the expertise I will ever need, and he is friendly and a genuine pleasure to deal with. With all that said, for me at least, the price wouldn’t be a huge concern. But the story gets better; I find his prices very reasonable. When I think back on all the computer problems we experienced, and all the frustration that went with it, and now it’s just a phone call to Lance and problem solved. I love it! I couldn’t be happier.”"

Pete Mentz
Owner, Affordable Garage Door


“For close to three years now Lance Gibb has acted as our Information Systems consultant, helping us anticipate and stay ahead of the technological curve with an awareness of cost control. He is a professional who understands technology and can explain it in easily understood terms to lay people such as myself, and affect immediate change when requested. I would highly recommend GCS for any information services that you may require.”

Peggy Graham
Owner, Burlstone Inc.